Blue Line K9 Dog Training offers a puppy to adult dog foundational obedience boarding and training program. Dogs who enter our board and train program will be trained several times a day in various locations and situations using modern training techniques. These are the same techniques utilzed by dog training professionals in sport dog training and working K9 professionals.

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The 3 week board and train benchmarks; proper sit, down, heel position, loose leash walking, basic recall, and the place command. Duration in the sit and down will be trained with reasonable distractions(a dog or person walking by). Your dog will learn to walk loose on the leash for a quarter mile. The heel positions will be taught in conjunction with the basic recall. The recall will be taught on leash and with minimal distractions. Max recall length will be 50 feet without distractions and 25 feet with distractions. The send away to the place will be taught from 10 feet away.

Verbal commands taught; sit, down, recall, place, name recognition, negative marker “no,” positive marker “yes,” and release command “okay.”

We can include tug play and ball play for the dogs who possess the drives and engagement needed to use it as a reward system.

Daily Training Schedule

  • 25-30 minutes Training Sessions.
  • A minimum of 3-4 times a day.
  • Participation in a Group Class 3 times a week.


Four week board and train will include all basic obedience benchmarks (sit/down stay, heel, loose leash walking, recall and place command) PLUS an off leash recall from a remote collar with more time to perfect the skills learend.

With the addtinal time we can add more training to evaualte for more specific training goal:

  • Retrieving
  • Tug play
  • Remote collar recalls
  • Personal Protection Dog Training beginner grip development
  • Any other owner specific training goals

Owner supplies dog food for duration of stay and a 20% deposit is requied to reseve your boarding and training start date.