Six Weeks to Success Group Obedience Classes

The 2020 Dog Training Schedule Is here and registration starts January 1st. Our goal with every cycle of classes is to help each dog owner become a better dog trainer for their dog. We’ve lined up the obedience classes in a way that will help you progress into each level and finish by passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen(CGC) test.

All classes will be held at the Star Riverwalk Park at 1000 S. Main St. in Star, ID.

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Six Week Group Puppy Class

This class starts you off with a good foundation for the next class and to be successful if you choose to take on training by your self. The six week class will teach you all of the basic obedience skills in a 60 minute group setting challenging you and your dog while building a bond with each other. 5-12 months old.


Six Week Group Dog Class

The group dog training class is designed to work with older dogs who have an understanding of the basics, can hold their attention longer than a puppy, or might have developed some bad habits. The six week dog class will review the basics, address problem behaviors, and work towards more advanced obedience skills. 12 months or older.


Six Week Intermediate Obedience Class

The intermediate class builds off of the basic obedience class adding new skills, duration, distance, and distractions. You must have attended one of our basic obedience classes or private lessons to attend the intermediate class.


Group Obedience Class Skills

Basic Obedience Class

  • Methodology; Terminology, intentional training vs circumstantial training, house breaking, balanced dog training, food rewards, building a training plan, training equipment
  • Reward based training; marker training, delivering food, loading the reward, using engagement
  • Lures - Gestures and Training the Sit and Down
  • Three different types of heeling.
  • The basic recall, down, stay, heel, loose leash walking, and introduction to the place command.

Intermediate Obedience Class

  • “Look at me” command
  • Advanced luring
  • The hand touch
  • The place command
  • Touch pads
  • The stand
  • Contact Heeling
  • Intermediate recall drills
  • Group heeling movements

Required Vaccinations

Vaccination record must be current and presented at the first class

  • DHPP - Shot 1/2/3
  • Rabies
  • DHPP Booster(Every 3 years)
  • Bordatella
  • Rabies
  • Influenza Virus - H3N8
  • Influenza Virus - H3N2

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