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The Treasure Valley’s Only Importer and Trainer of German Shepherds.

We are the only importer of working line and family German Shepherds in the Treasure Valley that trains and supply’s German Shepherds to law enforcement, private companies, and families.

We have over a decade of working, training, and evaluating German Shepherds. Hand picking imported dogs in person guarantees you to get what you’ve paid for. It also takes the risk out of importing a dog from another country from someone you’ve never met. We meet with the vendor and find a dog that matches the temperament, working capacity, drives and more based on your specific needs.

The relationship we have with the breeders and vendors in Germany have stood the test of time. Our breeders always produce high quality dogs and have gone on to become some of the best working dogs and companion dogs you can find. Prior to selecting your dog we will test, evaluate, and examine the bloodline and certifications to confirm what your getting. The breed standard in Germany is the pride of Germany and is difficult to replicate in the United States. We will import a dog to fit any budget. From a high-value military or police dog to a family sport dog, we can help get exactly what your looking for.

Don’t want to go through the puppy training blues, potty training, teething? Then skip the puppy phase and import a pre-trained dog or partially trained young dog. Need help training? After we import your dog and hand it over to you, we train you and your dog in the comfort of your home. It can be overwhelming at first, but in less than two weeks of training with us, your new dog will fully understand you and what your asking it to do.

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We import German Shepherds on a as needed basis, so call ahead. Call or email us to learn more about the process and cost.

Imported and Placed Dogs

Curry von der Schiflache

Imported October 2018, 3.5 years old, female, IPO3(Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung), HD/ED-SV Normal. Working as a family personal protection dog.

Amigo JR AKA "Helus"

Imported 2019 at 3 years old.  Currently a family protection dog living in Idaho

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