Dakota283 G3 High-Security Polyethylene Framed Door Dog Kennel

Protect your pet beyond the field with the Dakota283 G3 High-Security Polyethylene Framed Door Dog Kennel. This dog kennel is specifically crafted for hunting alongside your canine companion, and it’s made to last a lifetime. Designed for unparalleled pet protection, this kennel is constructed from incredibly strong polyethylene plastic and features a high-security keyed paddle latching door. The military-type, one-piece design ensures maximum durability and long-lasting use. Your pet will travel in comfort thanks to 40 large ventilation holes that allow for easy breathing. Extra-wide holes on the back of the kennel ensure cleaning is a breeze, and small drain holes in the corner prevent excess water build-up. This model is built to fit on the interior seats of and in the back of most SUVs, trucks, and hatchback cars. It is recommended for dogs between 50 and 75 pounds.