Dog Training Platform and Agility System

The KLIMB takes advantage of a dog’s natural tendency to seek a higher vantage point. – Staying comfortably on the KLIMB, dogs quickly learn to focus and ignore distractions. Focus makes it easy to teach new commands and fix behavior problems. – Dogs quickly learn that following commands leads to rewards. Dogs become attached to the KLIMB; they begin to think of it as their “place,” almost like it’s their favorite chair. – The KLIMB is easily configured, allowing you to create an impulse control system that fits the way you train. Units can be connected in virtually unlimited configurations for either conventional or agility training. – The KLIMB is an ideal solution for dogs who aggressively greet guests at the door or beg for scraps at the table. Once a dog is trained on the KLIMB, they can be sent to their KLIMB to stay until the owner/trainer gives the release command. The KLIMB also creates a non-threatening area for your dog and guests to meet one another.