Puppy Tug Toy

Training tugs are a very important part of working a dog in training. Many people think they are only used for puppy work. These people are wrong. The shorter tubes are a great training aid for drive building and are used throughout the life of the dog. Tennis balls are very, very hard on dogs teeth. Bite tugs are a much better alternative. Bite tugs are also much better than solid hard rubber balls on strings. When a young dog is accidentally hit in the head with a hard rubber ball he will lose drive. When the same dog gets hit by a tug he ignores the situation and continues to chase in drive. The tugs we sell are made of the best synthetic fabric available (not jute). I choose to have my tugs made from this fabric to get as much durability as possible without unnecessary wear on the dog’s teeth. It’s a balancing act. Jute wears too easily and some other fabrics that last a little longer are too hard on the teeth.