Scent Tracking


Dogs have a famously great sense of smell, but what makes their noses so much more powerful than ours? They’re packing some sophisticated equipment inside that squishy schnozz.

Tracking is a technique in which dogs are trained to locate things while in use by humans by using the object’s scent, for a variety of purposes.

Tracking has always been an essential skill for dogs to survive in the wild, through hunting and tracking down potential prey.

Dogs can track on all kinds of surfaces from thick vegetation to hard surfaces such as concrete.

Dogs are initially taught to follow human odor across the grass and progress into different environments. Hunting or trailing dogs are no different. We take the odor you want your dog to follow and reward it for following its path.  A good tracking dog will learn to follow an odor on the ground or in the air. With practice you will get your dog to use both.

Tracking Classes

Teaching your dog to track has more uses than you may know. From search and rescue to sport trials or hunting and animal tracking to finding an item you lost along your hiking trail. Take it from us, watching your dog follow an invisible trail of odor is an extremely rewarding experience.

Just like with scent detection, obedience, personal protection dogs, or any other skill you can teach your dog the bond you build is incredible. So if you’re looking to put your dogs nose to work for sport, hunting, entry into search and rescue, or to help find your lost wallet our tracking class will get you where you want to be.

After you have completed the class,  maintenance training will continue every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.  Training starts at 7:30am at an open field, park, school in either Meridian or Boise depending on conditions and lesson plan.


The six week class is $120 for 6 hour long tracking sessions. Maintenance and drop-in training are held twice a month and $25 a month.
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6 Week Course